North West Design Institute

The North West Design Institute was established with the purpose to use and promote Design as a powerful tool to understand the challenges we face, and to transform them into our preferred futures. We do this through Human Centered & Design Thinking practices. 

Dedicated to delivering advanced design education, the Institutes educational branch has been developed to not teach the technical tools of designing, but rather to help students flex they’re critical and analytical abilities, developing a design-oriented way of approaching problem solving that can be applied across any field. 

Specializing in understanding the experiences that people have and figuring out how to better meet their needs, the consulting branch of the Institute was born from a drive to learn how the world around us affects the choices we make, how we live, work, and how we play. 

All of the work that we do at NWDI is centered around our principles of: Be Curious, Be Rigorous, Think Holistically, & Work Collaboratively.